We are always looking forward to opportunities in which we can meet and speak with our wonderful alumnae. Alpha Gamma Delta takes pride in our alumnae and ensures that we are engaging with them to bridge the past to the present. Each year Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity hosts International Reunion Day (IRD). This is a specific day for alumnae from multiples chapters meet with current members at a brunch or dinner. In addition to IRD, Gamma Beta hosts an Alumnae dinner each year. This is a great time for our sisters to learn about Gamma Beta’s history and past sisters’ experiences. All in all, we know that even though the years between us vary, we all share the same love for sisterhood and are bonded by our Alpha Gamma Delta ritual.

If you are an alumna and looking to engage with Gamma Beta please contact our Alumnae Relations Coordinator, Lauren Carstens, to receive more information. Please send her an email: