A line from our Purpose states, “To cherish friendship with but a chosen few, and to study the perfecting of those friendships.” We do just that by truly getting to know each other as each day passes. Whether it is at a retreat to Disney World, or just sitting by a sister during lunch, we have the opportunity to develop deeper connections and friendships with each other every day. We always look forward to our Fall and Spring Retreats, this past fall we traveled to Panama City Beach for a relaxing day of paddle boarding and sunbathing. Even when there is not an official sisterhood event scheduled you can almost always guarantee sisters are planning an adventure together for the weekend.

Alpha Gams’ social events are a time to spend together as well as others! Each year consists of Formal, Semi-Formal, multiple date functions, and socials with fellow sororities or fraternities. This past year we enjoyed a farm getaway to Bainbridge, Georgia to celebrate our Woodser date function with our dates. We also had a lot of fun at Fun Station with our dynamic duo dates.